Setting Exam Papers: July 20th, 2019.

SIE Professional Development activity on "Setting Exam Papers" was successfully held on July 20th, 2019. Testing what the students are taught is important part of teaching profession. Usually teachers pick something form the book/notebook and follow a pattern question in exams. More than often these questions expect students to write lengthy paragraphs which deviates from the objective of assessing their knowledge of given subject. Setting an "exam and testing: setting the right questions" needs some skills and level of understanding of what to test and how to test. The workshop taught the participating teachers how to set exam papers in a way that makes exam and test papers more authentic and more reflective of teaching and learning classroom.

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Karachi: Two days Space Camp for the winning teams of #MissionToMars Challenge was successfully held on 30th July

and 1st August, 2019. The winning schools namely KMA, Korangi Academy and Habib Girls came together in Lincoln Corner for the Space Camp where they learnt more about STEM focusing space sciences. The participants not only designed different tools which can be useful in space using 3D printing software, they also got to print those designs using 3D printers. The activity enhanced critical thinking of the participants and their imagination power. One of the participants said, "We learnt new softwares in Space Camp and explored new career options in STEM industries focusing space sciences." The Participants are excited to share what they learnt in Mission to Mars journey with their respective schools.

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Professional Development workshop on "Effective Questioning Techniques" for subject teachers of primary and secondary level organized by Society for International Education was held on Saturday, March 9th, 2019 at the Globe - SIE training centre in which 15 teachers from different schools of Karachi and Hyderabad participated. The workshop aimed to update and upgrade the questioning techniques of modern teachers so they may ask the learners questions which become a stimulus of learning. The facilitator focused on depth of knowledge technique for generating correct and effective question of different grade level students.

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