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Citizen Journalism Trainings

The Citizen Journalism program successfully completed training for 200 participants, with the last round of classes on September 22nd, 2019. The trainings have been running since May, with students divided into groups to ensure that everyone gets ample attention in class. All students received 18 hours of training in four modules, namely, Fake News, Video Journalism, Photojournalism and News Writing & Reporting. We have had Pakistan's top media professionals delivering lectures from the most reputed news organizations, including the BBC, Express, Newsline magazine and The News Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. International and a producer with her work on Amazon Prime. Some excellent stories have been reported by the students from reports on women rap artists in

Lyari to the religious diversity of dhobi ghaats and profiles of individuals voluntarily serving their own communities as teachers, musicians, and sports coaches. The first Dialogue and Discussion session from the program was held in Mauripur's Tikri Village, and this was the first time that any NGO conducted a project there. The event was hugely successful both in terms of the stories the students presented and community participation, with over a hundred people from the village in the audience.

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