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Green Wave for Sabika Sheikh - Tree Plantation Projects

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

YES alumni Pakistan carried out a month-long “Green Wave for Sabika Sheikh – Tree Plantation Projects” campaign in remembrance of the late YES student Sabika Sheikh. The alumni teams gathered in various cities and regions of Pakistan nationwide and engaged students, teachers, community members and other likeminded individuals in planting trees, flowers, and saplings of all kinds. The projects carried out under this theme were aimed to not only remember the achievements of late Sabika Sheikh, but also highlight the importance of healthy environment for the betterment of the community members. The activities served as a foundation for the participants to play their active role in making their surroundings greener and healthier. In addition, a maximum number of YES alumni participated in these activities to provide their support and strength to the fellow YES alumni in this time of grief. Nearly 60 alumni participated in 13 cities including Attock, DG Khan, Faisalabad, Gilgit, Ghotki, Karachi, Lahore, Mansehra, Multan, Peshawar, Quetta, Rawalpindi and Sawabi and engaged nearly 700 students, teachers, community members and likeminded individuals.

The activities were appreciated widely by the YES alumni as it brought them together for a common cause. They said that Sabika Sheikh was a brave, confident and independent girl with full potential to realize her dreams. They said that they would strive towards carrying forward her legacy and keep it alive through their activism in benefitting the communities around them. They also added that through these plantation activities, the memory of Sabika Sheikh will always be with us. Other participants of the activities also pledged to make their surroundings greener and healthier in pursuit of a better environment.

The activities undertaken in this series were also showcased on social media including Facebook and Twitter in an effort to include the web-based audience in the discussion and encourage them to participate in this cause as well. Overall, the activities were a great success altogether.

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