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SIE Professional Development Workshop on "Activity Based Teaching"

A workshop on “Activity Based Teaching” was held at Globe – the SIE training center on Saturday, October 5, 2019 as part of SIE Professional Development Program. There are many ways teachers can make teaching a language more innovative and more interesting for students. If students don’t learn the way teachers teach, they should teach in a way the students learn. 20 teachers from different schools in Karachi participated in this workshop. They learnt how to use interactive teaching technique in their classrooms and increase the motivation level of students by being more active teachers. The facilitator explained the procedure of some common interactive techniques and relate the techniques to the factors of successful learning. A discussion was initiated to compare and explain the pros and cons of Interactive techniques and the traditional teaching. Through hands-on practice session, the participating teachers learnt how to design and implement communicative activities for their classrooms. For beginner learners usage of language is more important than grammar perfection. More than often teachers focus on Grammar Translation Method which makes a language class dull and boring. Several teaching and learning activities were introduced to increase student engagement that leads to successful outcomes.

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