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SIE Youth Club - Workshop on "Creating Amazing Presentations"

A workshop about ‘Creating Amazing Presentation’ was held on Saturday, 21st September, 2019 at Globe - the SIE Training Centre in which the students of SIE Youth Club participated. The workshop started with an ice breaking activity to introduce the participants to one another. In this workshop the participants were taught how to incorporate effective visuals ads, tips on visual presentation, Importance of typography & symbols and types of presentation options. The participants learned about online presentation tools like Emaze, Prezi, Google Slides and Canva with in-depth hands on practice of Prezi. The students chose their topics such as Lead Compounds, Global Warming, Digestive System, Deforestation, Sound, Output devices, and Underwater World. Then they started working on their Prezi presentations after a brainstorming session. They got their questions answered while working on their Prezis. Once ready they presented their Prezi presentations to everyone. The workshop was not only about how to create an amazing presentation but also how to present it effectively.

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