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SIE Youth Club - Workshop on "Green Screen Effects in Media Making"

SIE Youth Club workshop on “Green Screen Effects in Media Making” was held at Globe – the SIE training center on Saturday, October 5, 2019. 16 Students from different school in Karachi participated in the workshop. The students were taught the basics of adding Green Screen (Chroma Key) Effects and how to apply them in videos made for their classrooms as well as in real life. The facilitator used a video presentation to demonstrate students how Green Screen method are used in different film industries around the world and how they can use it to express themselves. Through a practical example, the students learnt how to shoot using green screen and then how to edit it using Adobe Premiere. Later on they were given an opportunity to work in pairs to get some hands-on experience. They brainstormed ideas, which they later recorded and edited by themselves. During the practice session they got their questions answered.

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