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Summer Sisters 2018: Pre-Departure Orientation

Karachi-12th May, 2018-The Pre-Departure Orientation for outgoing batch of the US Summer Sisters Exchange Program happened here on Saturday. 22 students from across Pakistan will travel to the United States this summer to attend a short summer program in renowned US universities all around the country. The orientation was divided into two parts; speakers’ session and the workshop. The sessions during the workshop focused on helping the students understand the true nature of the program along with rules and guidelines. They expanded their knowledge of US university life, culture and learned how to make most of the opportunity they are getting. Along with that they were prepared in different ways through which they can become a better communicator and a leader. Another session during the students’ workshop was regarding writing effectively in emails and student testimonials about their exchange. The Chief Guest of the evening was Acting Consul General John Warner, accompanied Erik Pugner Public Affairs Officer at US Consulate Karachi. The Consul General spoke about how the students are just not lucky but also capable of being part of this prestigious program and now the responsibility lies on them to bring about a better change in their communities and country. The U.S. Pakistan Women’s Council initiated the U.S. Summer Sisters Exchange Program in 2013. The program sends gifted, female Pakistani high school students aged 15 to 18 from disadvantaged backgrounds to study at prestigious U.S. universities for two to eight weeks. The partner universities include American University, Babson College, Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Vassar College, Harvard University, George Washington University, Georgetown University, Emory College, Washington University, University of Chicago, Duke University, Brown University and Smith College.

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