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Summer Sisters Alumni Project - ChaandRaat Mela

August 22nd 2018 (Karachi): Summer Sisters alumna Dania Hassan along with the volunteers spent Chaandraat at Sirat Ul Jannah Children’s Home located in Clifton Block 1 where they celebrated a ChaandRaat Mela/carnival. 

Total 13 volunteers participated in the carnival. The carnival was celebrated at the rooftop of the building which were decorated by the volunteers. Mehndi (Henna), face painting and a food stall were set up for the children. 

Volunteers applied henna on the hands of girls and boys went for their face painting. Snacks were also distributed to each child along with the Eid gift. Overall, it was an amazing mela to celebrate Chaandraat with children. Some volunteers stated that it was the best Chaandraat of their lives.

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