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Summer Sisters Alumni Project - Eid ul Azha Celebration

August 23rd 2018 (Karachi): Summer Sisters alumna Dania Hassan along with the volunteers celebrated Eid ul Azha at Sulemania Bachon Ka Ghar located in Clifton Block 1, Karachi. 

A need of gifting Eid presents to was felt by the volunteers and hence, this project was executed. The children were given various sizes of athletic/sports materials and games to play with during their free time as well as on Eid. The game sets included cricket equipment, dart games, board games such as chess and ludo, footballs, rubber balls, etc. 

The idea behind gifting such collective presents was to enhance the interest of games and sports in children and to increase their physical activity to lead to a healthy lifestyle. Each child was also given one stationary item as Eid present and the volunteers shared ‘meetha’ (dessert) with the children. 

The staff of the children’s home was very thankful to the volunteers who visited and the children were happy too. Overall, it was a great success.

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