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Summer Sisters Alumni Project - Independence Day Celebrations

August 14th 2018 (Karachi): Summer Sisters alumna Dania Hassan along with her volunteers team celebrated Independence Day in at President House Government School and Bismillah Government School located in their vicinity. 

Approximately 400 students along with 8 volunteers participated in activities conducted in both schools. Volunteers with the help of students decorated the schools. The students had prepared speeches, songs, skits, tableaus, and dances which they performed which showed the true spirit of patriotism. Face painting activity was also conducted by the volunteers and national songs were played on speakers which increased the spirit of patriotism even more. 

Small flags were distributed among the students and the meaning behind our flag were told to the students and how every Pakistani should love each other, regardless of caste, creed, color or religion. In one of the schools, small stationary items were also distributed. 

The National Anthem was sung and students danced on regional songs of Pakistan as well. Every student was happy to celebrate the national day, overall it was a great event.

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