Professional Development


SIE Professional Development Schedule  

January - December, 2020

Plan your year with iEARN Projects
Teaching English through Open Source
اردو کی دلچسپ تدریسی سرگرمیاں
Developing Reading through Activities
Photoshop for Teaching & Learning
SMART Lesson Planning
Learning to Read through Phonics
قومی نغموں کے ذرئیے اردو پڑھائیں
Excel Essentials for Teachers – Lessons & Ideas
Teaching Writing Skills
Learn Publishing Skills using Adobe Illustrator
Technology in Teaching Mathematics
SMART Lesson Planning
Design Effective Publications for School
Effective feedback for Students
Web 2.0 Teaching Tools in Classrooms
Emotional Intelligence & Coaching Skills for Teachers
Health Eating for Kids (iEARN Staying Healthy Project)
Asking the Right Question
Teaching Math with Technology
Activity Based Teaching
Online Collaborative Learning (iEARN Beginners Training)
Workshop on Urdu Vocabulary
Enhance your Images with Adobe Photoshop
Iqbal ke Saat Aasman


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