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SIE Youth Club

SIE Capacity Building Program for Students

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Workshop Details:


Create Digital Presentations Using Microsoft Sway


Microsoft Sway is an app, a powerful tool that helps gather, format, and share reports, newsletters, web pages, and presentations on an interactive, web-based canvas that looks great on almost any screen. 

Sway allows presenters, teachers, and students to visually organize the information they want to share and each Sway has its own link so that Sways can be shared easily on the web and through email or social media.



Excel for Students



Students can become good and proficient in any school or college subjects by using Microsoft Excel. In this workshop students will learn how to convert raw data into meaningful information. They will learn how to perform complex mathematical, logical and financial calculations faster with accuracy by using Excel and understand how data can be visualized. They will learn how to do financial planning. Students can learn why data and information are important to filters.

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